Dark Four In Cascadia

Daily notes from a plague winter

December 9th

I was heading out to pickup Hat Yai fried chicken. Stopped to talk to my neighbor. He's pretty paranoid... acts like if we're inside of 20 feet apart, we're going to give each other Covid. So nervous.

Then I'm driving down Hawthorne. Stopped at the light next to the food courts. I look over. Packed! And at community tables even, people who don't know each other. With no masks on!

Walking from my car to get the food. When I moved to Portland this was a great place at night to run into Scary Dudes. A decade later, for a while it had gotten so placid down here, I never worried, even stumbling around far after midnight. Now? 5:30PM and there's some scary dudes walking around. They don't have masks on, either.

2020. The year we're all wrong, and we're all right, too.