Dark Four In Cascadia

Daily notes from a plague winter

December 7th

I have a week between jobs, and today is the only this week it's not supposed to rain. So I went for a hike.

There's a trail where they've setup a 1-way loop. Fantastic... in theory, you ought to be able to hike without seeing another human being - unless you happen to be moving very quickly or very slowly.

I was out on this trail for nearly an hour when I turned and nearly ran smack into a guy coming the other way.

I stepped off the trail to give him some room to pass.

"You're supposed to be wearing a mask!" he complained.

"It's supposed to be a one way trail," I said.

"Oh, I don't go by that."

The United States, and maybe the world, in 2020. Both of us are right, both of us are wrong, and most importantly we go on disappointing each other with unmatched expectations.