Dark Four In Cascadia

Daily notes from a plague winter

December 11th

Held back a riot today. I'd ordered takeout from this modern Thai place. When I got there, the line was a dozen deep. A line for a table out on the patio? No, it was a line to pickup. And even though all the orders were ready, you still had to lineup, and if (when) the person at the head of the line's meal wasn't ready? The whole thing was a giant bottleneck...

And anger. The guys - and it was all guys, half of them picking up like me, half of them driving Door Dash - they were pissed. I felt like I was holding back the city. They were ready to riot. We were ready to riot.

Somehow it chilled out. A few wise words. Ice, on the fire.

We've reached the anger portion of the pandemic.